Al Hajiry Oil & Gas Company was established with a fully equipped workshop at Nizwa to cater to various requirements of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and other oil companies in Oman. 

 The Nizwa workshop is spread out in approximately 30,000 metres, including a covered area of 5000 metres. The available equipment include two 15-tonne overhead cranes, plate rolling machine up to 20mm (2000mm width), machining lathes, drill press, CNC machining facility, SMAW, SAW, GTAW, MIG, FCAW, welding machines, plasma cutting facility, automatic steel grit blasting bay and painting facility. The workshop currently provides maintenance service in various disciplines.

Mechanical maintenance 

  • Fabrication of new products – mud tank systems, gas lift manifolds, chemical injection skids, storage tanks for diesel and water, platforms, ladders, hand rails.
  • Rig refurbishment – We provide complete shop/office facilities, large lay down area, fabrication, full welding, blasting and painting services, besides facilitating third part inspection.
  • Field maintenance services, including repair & modification work are carried out for flow lines , manifolds, tank repairs, platforms, handrails, ladders & fencing for oil installations.

Long Term leasing of Equipment 

  • Plant Equipment - Generators, air compressors, all terrain forklift trucks & loaders
  • Field Service Equipment - Frac tanks, Fuel tanks (diesel), water tanks, mud labs, containerised workshops, rig camps & offices